Intellectual Property

In our Intellectual Property (IP) Practice, we recognize that IP is one of a company's most valuable assets. We provide a range of IP services aimed at harnessing and protecting our clients’ IP in contract negotiation.

We identify our clients’ IP in outsourcing and other contractual arrangements, develop effective contract provisions and strategy to protect their rights in the U.S. and abroad, and provide counsel and preventative guidance in licensing and other contractual arrangements where clients’ IP is at risk. 

We also provide general counsel on business arrangements (e.g. vendor relationships, pilot projects, physicians’ professional services, consultants, supply/purchase, indemnity, patient safety and prescription drug sales/marketing practices).

Our services include:

  • Licensing and Related Business Transactions
    • Developing licensing strategies
    • Preparing and negotiating licensing agreements and other agreements, such as:
      Contract manufacturing
      Joint research development
      Joint venture
      Material transfer
      Model release
      Photo shoot
      Right to publicity
      Technology transfer

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