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Faulk & Associates, LLC, is a boutique consulting firm, providing a full range of health law and related services, including regulatory compliance.  We represent hospitals, physicians, clinics, and long term care facilities, among other businesses.

“Our comprehensive health care and legal knowledge, specifically in reimbursement, physician, hospital, and pharmaceutical manufacturer relationships allows us to counsel clients in structuring healthcare transactions that will pass muster under the law.  Through skillful contract drafting and negotiating of diverse agreements, we achieve our clients’ business objectives without compromising business ethics.”

We have worked with physician practices, medical billing companies, EMR/EHR and other start-up vendors and software developers, hospitals, health systems, long term care facilities, home care agencies, pharmaceutical and contract manufacturers, universities, BPOs, non-profit and non-governmental organizations. Our clients capitalize on the synergies of our experience in global healthcare markets (e.g., knowledge of lessons learned from other countries that transitioned to ICD-10 a decade ago).

In addition, the firm handles global risk management and compliance consulting projects, including developing and revamping compliance infrastructures with associated policies, processes, risk mitigation measures and training of lay personnel. The firm’s foundation is rooted in healthcare compliance, which enables it to offer effective, diverse counseling and training to clinical, operations, sales and marketing teams to ensure that their activities support business’ ethical objectives and comply with applicable laws and regulations.  The firm’s counseling and consulting is concentrated in the non-profit and nongovernmental agency sectors, but has included the private sector.

As consultants and legal advisors, we focus on achieving results by integrating law with real world business practices, which allows our clients to operationalize the many laws they have to follow in ways that allow them to conduct their businesses while mitigating risks associates. We offer practical, innovative business solutions tailored to our clients’ particular needs and work closely with them to understand their business and their goals. With that knowledge, we develop cost-effective strategies for protecting and maximizing the value of their intellectual property and ensuring their compliance with regulatory bodies.


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