Health Law

Delivering and paying for health care is a dynamic and rapidly expanding multi-national profession and business influenced by increasingly complex laws. Our Health Law practice focuses on the differing perspectives of health care laws that affect providers, payers, patients, contractors and governments to provide our clients with the structure required to establish limits that often are evolving and unclear in this specialized and complex field of law. As Health Law Generalists, we have a thorough grounding in the basics and place a significant emphasis on the practical aspects of practicing Health Law in today's challenging regulatory environment. Aspects of our practice includes patient rights and the physician-patient relationship, including the principles of confidentiality of medical records information, privacy, end-of-life decision-making, and informed consent; hospital permits and regulations; liability issues for all healthcare entities and providers; health care crimes, including fraud and abuse; and related laws, regulations and guidelines.

With the powerful influences of politics, ethics and other non-governmental forces that inform and influence health care contractual and other legal relationships, which in turn affect the way patients gain access to health care, our team finds creative solutions to help our clients maximize ever-tightening budget constraints. While heavily regulated, health care provides many business and entrepreneurial opportunities in a trillion of dollars per year part of the economy. With increasingly new and exciting health care challenges and opportunities in mind (e.g., PPACA/ACOs/PSQR), we examine for our clients risk mitigation, how to optimize delivery of care, and maximize reimbursement for care delivered. This includes working in traditional areas of law (e.g., contracts, torts, taxation, intellectual property, employment and litigation), as well as more recent areas of law such as information technology (IT), eHealth and the Internet, and life sciences that affect and are affected by developing health law principles. We analyze specific aspects of these areas of the law with respect to their particular influence upon and relevance to our clients’ health care delivery and payment models. As part of our focus, we analyze the ways that sponsors of health coverage compensate healthcare providers, including private and public means of health insurance.

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